On Visite le Carnavalet

Posted: Tuesday, 29-06-2010

This famous French museum located in the heart of the 3rd Arrondissement's old Marais neighborhood, the Carnavalet offers a wonderful history of the city of Paris going back to Roman times. It is situated in a grand hotel -- mansion -- once owned by famous courtesan Mme. de Sévignie.

Today's AK Files offers a glimpse of a contemporary photo exhbition presented there which depicts Parisian prison life in more modern times.

The Carnavalet is known for its historical collections of art, furnishings, and day-to-day utilitarian objects. It is equally famous for its display of artifacts from the French Revolution and for hosting modern curated exhibitions such as the one discussed today .  

{Le musée Carnavalet raconte l'histoire de la ville de Paris, il détient aussi la plus importante collection sur la révolution française. Petite visite guidée en compagnie de son directeur Jean-Marc Léri.}