Touring a Private Collector's Home in China

Posted: Tuesday, 20-07-2010

Zhang Rui has a well known 1700m2 house, where he keeps many pieces from his estimated collection of 800 art works, which was featured in the Art Newspaper in 2008. Zhang Rui informally changed his name to Zhang Hao Ming in 2008 after paying a fortune teller several thousand dollars to get a ‘luckier’ name, but the practice is only said to work if the name becomes widely used.

Zhang Hao Ming is a leading personality in Beijing’s art scene, with a share in one of the leading galleries, Art Now, and a broad and widespread eclectic interest in global contemporary art. Besides his large collection of several hundred installations and other works Zhang is building a 45 room art hotel in Beijing and is developing his Karaoke Dining concept- where you cook your own food, and appear on television. He invited the Art Newspaper to his home in the Beijing suburbs, which is sometimes described locally as a mini Guggenheim.