Quick Tour of the Albertina

Posted: Thursday, 10-06-2010

The Albertina located in Vienna is an 18th century Hapsburg palace converted into a 20th century modern and contemporary museum.

The Albertina can boast one of the most significant graphics collections in the world. Throughout history a number of noblemen would reside in this former city palace and one of the museum's greatest attractions are the beautiful Habsburg State Rooms.

Yesterday, the AK File and accompanying Featured Video explored the Batliner collection of Légers and other masters on view here. Today we provide a brief glimpse of other aspects of this astounding collection of photography, applied arts, and, of course, the magnificent architectural setting.

Many of the hallways and rooms retain their neoclassical charm. Others have been completely remodeled to accommodate cutting edge Austrian art. The Albertina is an obligatory destination for any art lover visiting this city