Oops! Swiss Police Remove Basel Sculpture

Posted: Saturday, 19-06-2010

Hey Mr, Policeman...this isn't trash or litter. This is a sculptural installation by contemporary Italian artist, Renato Meneghetti. Please leave it exactly where the artist and fair organizers intended! 

It seems that the Swiss police -- in their usual custom of organization and efficiency cannot stand to have some haphazard heads blocking the Messeplatz during a high-traffic event like Art Basel

Renato Meneghetti was born in Rosà (Vicenza). He began to paint at a very early age and his artistic output has developed in the fortress of Ezzelino da Romano where he spent his childhood, as well as in the various Palladian Villas which he has restored and lived in.

He has spent one-third of his life travelling round the world to satisfy his curiosity. He speaks solely through his works.