Joek Friis' Dadaist Janitor

Posted: Monday, 26-04-2010

Here is a Joek Friis work from the late 1950's which incorporates his Anti-Dada Dadaist philosophies. Like Duchamp, Friis did not join the Dada movement per se, but rather, interpreted Dadaist ideas and developed his own Dadaist style. In "The Importance Of Noticing", Friis cuts up a recorded Duchamp monolog and intersperses it with verbiage spoken by janitors whom he interviewed personally. The stock footage of restrooms being cleaned hails back to the "Fountain", put on exhibit by Duchamp's alter ego, Richard Mutt, in 1917. Friis' film not only recalls the Dadaist past, but also foreshadows the Pop Art movement of the 1960's with its bright colors and high contrasts.