Biography & Links Alirio Palacios Biography 1938 Born in Volcán, Venezuela. 1959 Traveled to Europe representing Venezuela at the VII Youth Festival in Vienna, Austria. 1954 - 1960 Studied at Caracas School of Fine Arts, Caracas, Venezuela. 1961 Studied Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, Rome, Italy. 1961 - 1966 He studied water base engravings techniques at the University of Fine Arts in Peking, China. 1969 Interns at the Academy of Art in Berlin, Germany. 1968 - 1970 Studied Printmaking at the AUniversity of Warsaw, Poland. 1972 Reaserch projects at the Centre de Gravure Contemporaine, Switzerland. 1986 Moves to New York where he set up his studio. He is named Cultural assessor for the Consulate of Venezuela. He lives and works in Caracas, Venezuela. Selected Exhibitions 2009 "Alirio Palacios, 50 years of Printmaking", Galeria de Arte Ascaso, Caracas, Venezuela. (solo) 2006 2003-2006 Galeria de Arte Ascaso, Caracas, Venezuela. (solo) 2002 "Dos hombres de un mismo rio", Jesus Soto-Alirio Palacios, Galeria de Arte Ascaso, Caracas, Venezuela. 2000 Feria Iberoamericana de Arte, Art Miami Florida (solo) 1994 - 1999 Museum of Fine Arts, Caracas, Venezuela. 1998 Museo Jose Luis Cuevas, Mexico City, Mexico. (solo) "Apparitions", Freites-Revilla Gallery, Miami, FL. (solo) 1994 Galeria Arteconsult, Panama City, Panama. (solo) 1993 University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM (solo) "Milenary Knowledge and Tropical Imagery, Frites-Revilla Gallery, Boca Raton, FL. (solo) 1992 "Entre lo real y sus signos", Museum of Fine Arts, Caracas, Venezuela. (solo) "Forma y espiritu", Galeria Freites, Caracas, Venezuela. (solo) 1991 "Perspective of the Present Contemporary Paintings in Latin America", Nagoya City Arts Museum, Japan. 1990 "Paper Visions III", Housetonic Museum of Art, Texas. "Magic and Reality", Kent Fine Art, New York, NY. 1989 "La Tierra, visiones de America Latina", Museum of Contemporary Hispanic Art, New York, NY. 1986 La Habana Biennial II, La Habana, Cuba. 1981 Sala Mendoza, Caracas, Venezuela. (solo) 1979 Dessins-Lithographies-Eaux Forts-Mezzotintes, Contemporary Print Center, Geneva, Switzerland. (solo) Galeria Estudio Actual, Caracas, Venezuela. (solo) 1977 XIX Sao Paulo Biennial, Brazil. Harkness Gallery, New York, NY. Grafica 9, Sala Mendoza, Caracas, Venezuela. 1976 Instituto de Diseño Neumann, Caracas, Venezuela. (solo) 1975 Alirio Palacios, Gallerie C.H. Rolle, Zurich, Switzerland. 1974 Galeria 2001, Lausanne, Switzerland. (solo) Galerie La Salle Du Faubourg, Switzerland. Gallerie 2016, Hauterive, France. 1972 Graphics International Biennial, Florence, Italy. Graphics Biennial III, Tokyo, Japan. 1971 Galeria de Arte Grabado, Caracas, Venezuela. (solo) Galeria de Diego de Rivera, Barquisimiento, Venezuela. (solo) Alirio Palacios, works from Warsaw, Galeria de Arte Grabado, Caracas, Venezuela. (solo) 1970 Inna Figuracja, Galeria Stara Kordegarda, Warsaw, Poland. (solo) 1969 Zegri Gallery, New York, NY. 1967 "Sui In Muke", Galeria Polo y Bot, Caracas, Venezuela. (solo) 1964 Association of Artist of Peking, Hilton Hotel, Hong Kong. (solo) 1960 Museum of Fine Arts, Caracas, Venezuela.


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