Link Your Art Uploads to Kab Pedia

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Link Your Art Uploads to Kab Pedia

It is very easy and user friendly to accomplish a link between your artwork and the artist's biographic data.

Please access your "MyKabinett". Click on any previous art upload and press, "Edit".

Scroll down to the Kab Pedia box right below size of artwork. 

Start to type your artist's last name. If the name appears, save the newly updated artwork entry to automatically link your work.

If artist name does not appear, we have not yet received any information and request that you share your knowledge by pressing the " green +" button provided. This button then takes you to a dedicated Kab Pedia page for new artist upload.

Now, any user member can freely access this important reference information. We appreciate our member participation. You help make this site better!

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